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Latest News and Events

AIESEP Early Years SIG

6th July, 2016

At the AIESEP international conference in Laramie the AIESEP Early Years SIG organised its first one-day pre-conference seminar. Approximately 25 participants took part in intensive discussions. We heard interesting, multicultural perspectives and experiences from early years contexts. Len Almond (UK) presented the concept of purposeful physical play, Debra Vinci and colleagues (US) presented an intervention among early educators, Arja Sääkslahti (FIN) shed light on the ideology of Scandinavian day care, while Ingunn Fjortoft’s (NO) presentation focused on affordances in the outdoors. Boris Jidovtseff (BE) described excellent examples of how to modify indoor facilities for little children, Mary Vandermeulen (BE) outlined related principles for water environment and Christine De Martelaer (BE) addressed safety issues in water activities. At the end of an interesting and informative day there were group discussions around these topics.

The symposium identified many topics which require further discussions and clarification. There is a need for consensus regarding terminology – how to describe young children’s physical activity and day care systems as well as the age range of children in different cultures.

The AIESEP Early Years SIG will be involved in the CIAPSE 2 Congress (Children’s Physical Activity and Sport 2) in Jyvaskyla on January 26-28, 2017. The SIG team will organise a thematic meeting as a part of this congress. The topic of this symposium will be “PE in early years – what are the guidelines/curriculum and what are the practices?”

During AIESEP 2017, the SIG will also have a thematic session as a follow up to the CIAPSE 2 Congress.  At future AIESEP conferences the Early Years SIG will plan a number of themed symposia regarding which all members of the SIG will be consulted.

2016 AIESEP Poster Awards

11th June, 2016

The winners of the 2016 Poster Awards were announced recently at AIESEP in Wyoming as follows:

1st prize

Authors: Turcotte, S., Grenier, J., Rivard, M.-C., Leroux, M., & Marzouk, A.

Title: Teaching Health Education: Physical Educators’ Perceptions during their Induction

2nd prize

Authors: Koekoek, J., van der Kamp, J, Walinga, W., & van Hilvoorde, I.

Title: Understanding Students’ Ability to Perform a Digital Tagging Task within a TGfU Basketball Setting

3rd prize

Authors: Douglas, S., Krause, J., & Franks, H.

Title: Changing Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of Disability through Simulation Experiences


PDFs of these and all previous poster winners are available here.


Congratulations to all!

2016 AIESEP Fellow Award

11th June, 2016

AIESEP is delighted to announce the induction of a new respected scholar into the AIESEP Society of Fellows. The award recipient is Prof. Pamela Hodges Kulinna of Arizona State University. The award was presented to Prof. Kulinna during the closing ceremony of AIESEP 2016 in Wyoming.

The Fellowship Award aims to recognise those scholars who have made a significant contribution to the field during their careers. For more information on the Fellowship Award and a list of previous award winners see here.