Research Projects and Partnerships

AIESEP is an associated partner on the Phys-Ed Academy: Collaborative redesign of physical education and physical education teacher education. This project is organized by Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

PhysEd-Academy is an international research collaboration between physical education (PE) teacher educators and teachers from Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey, Ireland, Luxemburg and Sweden, in partnership with both the European Physical Education Association (EUPEA, full partner) and the International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP, associate partner). The purpose of the project is to improve the educational quality in PE and PE teacher education through an innovative conceptualization of the processes of teaching and teacher education that challenges the idea of teachers and teacher educators working in different fields and instead identifies new ways of thinking about how teachers and teacher educators can occupy the same space. From this conceptualization, we will develop and test innovative strategies and programs for PE initial teacher education (PE-ITE) and teachers’ continuous professional development (CPD). To do so, we will develop a set of signature pedagogies for learning across different PE-ITE and PE-CPD programs internationally that will ensure a shared language and practice. These processes will lead to improved, equitable outcomes for teacher educators (TEs), pre-service teachers (PSTs), in-service teachers (ISTs), and school students.