AIESEP Connect

#AIESEPConnect is the name of our new AIESEP Global Outreach Programme.

It provides a space where members can critically engage with ‘hot’ topics that are linked to the core mission of AIESEP. It is a monthly engagement, a one-hour on-line session on the last Friday of each month. The timing of the session changes to ensure that we have global engagement in #AIESEPConnect sessions.

Previous Recordings:

Friday August 25th 2022 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: The Spectrum of Teaching Styles: A view to the future of research with Mark Byra, Feng-Min Wei, Donetta Cothran, Pamela Kulinna, Nikolaos Digelidis

Friday April 29th 2022 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: Trailblazing and way-marking: Possible pathways for Meaningful PE research with Dr Stephanie Beni, Dr Deirdre Ni Chroinin and Dr Tim Fletcher

Friday March 25th 2022 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: The state of the Whole – of-School Physical Activity Programming chaired by Hans van der Mars and led by Darla Castelli and Collin Webster

Friday February 25th 2022 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU)


Friday January 28th 2022 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: Are active kids better learners? The impact of PA, exercise and sport on cognition 


Friday November 26th 2021- #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: COVID-19 Studies across the Globe on Physical Activity, Physical Education and Health: A comparative analysis


Friday May 28th 2021 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: Fitness Testing – Pros and Cons


Friday April 30th 2021 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: Optimising Social Media for Physical Activity, Diet and Quality of Life: Lessons Learned from COVID-19


Friday February 26th 2021 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: Black Humanity in Crisis of Movement


Friday January 29th 2021 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: The trends of Physical Education Teacher Education in East Asia


Friday November 27th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect European Physical Education Teacher Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Friday October 30th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect Design Thinking with Dr Fiona Chambers


Friday August 28th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect The AIESEP Position Statement on Assessment in PE with discussion lead by Dr Lars Borghouts, Dr Menno Slingerland, and Gwen Weeldenburg

Friday June 26th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect hosted by the Early Years Special Interest Group


Friday May 29th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues PETE and the Pandemic: The Legacy? With discussions lead by Prof Elke Grimminfer-Seidensticker and Doug Gleddie


Friday April 24th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues Joe Wicks the new face of PE during COVID-19 pandemic? With discussions lead by Professor Kathy Armour