AIESEP Connect

#AIESEPConnect is the name of our AIESEP Global Outreach Programme.

It provides a space where members can critically engage with ‘hot’ topics that are linked to the core mission of AIESEP. It is a monthly engagement, a one-hour on-line session on the last Friday of each month. The timing of the session changes to ensure that we have global engagement in #AIESEPConnect sessions.

Previous Recordings:


March 2024 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues “Taking it out of PE”: a discussion of contemporary evidence of the transfer of student PA behaviors from physical education to extra-curricular contexts with Tristan Wallhead, Peter Iserbyt and Kian Vanluyten


January 2024 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues Physical literacy interventions across the lifespan. This session is hosted by Alexandre Mouton as well as Joao Martins and includes presentations by Johannes Carl, Lisa Barnett, Jean-Pierre Weerts and Charlie Nezondet. 


November 2023 (pre-recorded event) – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues Debating Olympic Education in Latin America: Research data & theoretical reflections. This session includes presentations by Dr Nelson Todt (presenting in Portuguese), Dr Otavio Tavares (presenting in English), Dr Danilo Ponciano (presenting in English), and Prof Daniel De La Cueva (presenting in English).

Thursday October 26th 2023 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues Dialogue & solidarity in teacher education: Positionality in advocating for social justice. The session is hosted by Carla Luguetti and the speakers are Ann MacPhail (project leader), two teacher educators involved in the research: Paul McFlynn and Dylan Scanlon as well as Graham, a pre-service teacher.

Friday May 26th 2023 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: Meaningful Early Years Hosted by Dr Arja Sääkslahti and Dr Kristy Howells, the AIESEP Early Years SIG coordinators with guests Nathan Hall, Dan Jones and Zach Smith.

Show Notes:

The overall Special Issue that was celebrated today is found here.

The specific details of the articles that were shared in detail are:

The next Early Years SIG event is precongress on 4th July in Chile.

Friday April 26th 2023 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithCoellagues: Lifestyle Sports in Physical Education. Hosted by Dr. Kristy Howells with guests Jordan Wintle, Prof. Carrie Paechter and Dr. Alison Murray.

Supporting Documentation:

Friday March 30th 2023 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: Activist Approach to Physical Activity: International Perspectives. Chaired by Carla Luguetti and presented by Kim Oliver, Jackie Beth Shilcutt and Karen Lambert

Friday February 10th 2023 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: Improving the quality of PE teaching by using digital tools. Chaired by Menno Slingerland and presented by Gwen Weeldenburg, Arne Bouten, and Katherin Kohake

Friday January 27th 2023 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: 24hour movement guidelines: Pedagogical implications for schools, sport & health clubs. Led by Professor Andy Daly-Smith (University of Bradford, United Kingdom), Professor Pedro Sanchéz-Miguel and Dr Miguel Tapia-Serrano (University of Extremadura), Professor Rute Santos (University of Porto, Portugal), and Professor João Martins (University of Lisbon and AIESEP).


Friday November 18th 2022 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: Transforming Practice through Self-Study. Chaired by Carla Vidoni and presented by Alan Ovens (University of Auckland, New Zealand), Luiz Sanches Neto (Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brazil), and João Costa (University College Cork, Ireland)


Friday October 28th 2022 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: Research Collaborations: Learning from others and making connections is brought to you in collaboration with AERA SIG 93 and chaired by Risto Marttine, Jen Walton Fisette, Ash Casey, and Javier Arturo Hall Lopez

Friday August 25th 2022 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: The Spectrum of Teaching Styles: A view to the future of research with Mark Byra, Feng-Min Wei, Donetta Cothran, Pamela Kulinna, Nikolaos Digelidis

Friday April 29th 2022 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: Trailblazing and way-marking: Possible pathways for Meaningful PE research with Dr Stephanie Beni, Dr Deirdre Ni Chroinin and Dr Tim Fletcher

Friday March 25th 2022 – #AIESEPConnect #CoffeeWithColleagues: The state of the Whole – of-School Physical Activity Programming chaired by Hans van der Mars and led by Darla Castelli and Collin Webster

Friday February 25th 2022 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU)


Friday January 28th 2022 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: Are active kids better learners? The impact of PA, exercise and sport on cognition 


Friday November 26th 2021- #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: COVID-19 Studies across the Globe on Physical Activity, Physical Education and Health: A comparative analysis


Friday May 28th 2021 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: Fitness Testing – Pros and Cons


Friday April 30th 2021 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: Optimising Social Media for Physical Activity, Diet and Quality of Life: Lessons Learned from COVID-19


Friday February 26th 2021 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: Black Humanity in Crisis of Movement


Friday January 29th 2021 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect: The trends of Physical Education Teacher Education in East Asia


Friday November 27th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect European Physical Education Teacher Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Friday October 30th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect Design Thinking with Dr Fiona Chambers


Friday August 28th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect The AIESEP Position Statement on Assessment in PE with discussion lead by Dr Lars Borghouts, Dr Menno Slingerland, and Gwen Weeldenburg

Friday June 26th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues #AIESEPConnect hosted by the Early Years Special Interest Group


Friday May 29th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues PETE and the Pandemic: The Legacy? With discussions lead by Prof Elke Grimminfer-Seidensticker and Doug Gleddie


Friday April 24th 2020 – #CoffeeWithColleagues Joe Wicks the new face of PE during COVID-19 pandemic? With discussions lead by Professor Kathy Armour