IOC President’s Award

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In 1978, Juan Antonio Samaranch, President of the International Olympic Committee, initiated the IOC President’s Award. The award, which is valued at US$10,000, is intended for individuals or groups who have made a significant scholarly contribution to the field of physical education and sport pedagogy. Award recipients are selected by the AIESEP Board of Directors. To receive this prestigious award, recipients must (i) have successfully completed doctoral studies, (ii) have been research active for at least the previous 15 years, (iii) have produced a significant piece of work that has had a major impact on the field of physical education and sport pedagogy and (iv) be a recognised leader in the field.

IOC Award Recipients:

2010 – Richard Tinning, University of Queensland, Australia

2010 – Wolf-Dietrich Brettschneider, University of Paderborn, Germany

2005 – Ommo Grupe, University Tübingen, Germany

2003 – Thom McKenzie, San Diego State University, USA

2001 – David Kirk, University of Loughborough, England

1999 – Risto Telama, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

1999 – Helmut Digel, University Tübingen, Germany

1997 – Sue Campbell, Youth Sports Trust, UK

1997 – Rod Thorpe, University of Loughborough, UK

1995 – Don Hellison, University of Illinois, USA

1993 – Robert Parienté, L’Équipe, France

1993 – Gary Wadler, MD Cornell University, USA

1990 – Udo Hanke, Heidelberg University, Germany

1984 – Daryl Siedentop, Ohio State University, USA

1978 – Paul Godbout, Claude Bouchard & Jean Brunelle, University Laval, Canada