Special Interest Groups

AIESEP Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are vibrant communities formed by our members who share a passion for specific research areas. These groups play a pivotal role in enriching AIESEP’s landscape by fostering deep engagement in various research topics. SIGs offer a dynamic platform for members to deepen their research expertise, support emerging researchers, and actively participate in AIESEP’s diverse events and publications.
Sports, teamwork and fist bump circle for soccer for support, motivation and community on field. Di
These groups are hubs for knowledge exchange, offering a range of activities such as event organization, discussion forums, research training workshops, symposia, and pre-conference sessions. They also contribute significantly to AIESEP’s news and updates. The size, membership, and duration of each SIG can vary, with a minimum lifespan of three years, ensuring a sustained and impactful presence. Each SIG is led by dedicated convenors who spearhead activities and guide the community, ensuring vibrant and productive interactions among members.


Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) SIG:

This group centres around the Teaching Games for Understanding model in physical education. It promotes research and practical applications of TGfU, emphasizing a student-centered approach to teaching games and sports. The SIG encourages innovative teaching methods and strategies to enhance the understanding and enjoyment of games in educational settings.
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Creating a New Special Interest Group (SIG) at AIESEP

Are you passionate about a specific area in sport pedagogy, physical education or physical activity research? AIESEP invites you to channel your enthusiasm and expertise by establishing a new Special Interest Group (SIG). Creating a SIG offers a unique opportunity to lead and cultivate a specialized community within AIESEP. To initiate this journey, we encourage you to complete and submit the form linked below according to the guidelines.