AIESEP celebrates its 60th birthday

Celebrate #AIESEP60 with us

On August 2, 1962, a group of 11 institutions officially founded the AIESEP in Lisbon, Portugal (Bonn, Caracas, Graz, Köln, Liège, Lisbon, Macolin/Magglingen, Madrid, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome). Over the 60 years following, AIESEP expanded its large network of institutions and scholars and became a well-respected international organization recognized for its leading contribution in the field of research on sport pedagogy.

Celebrate #AIESEP60 with us

Despite the current context that is not favorable to organize face-to-face activities, the AIESEP Board wishes to celebrate AIESEP’s 60th anniversary by organizing special activities throughout the year.

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Celebrate #AIESEP60 with us

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