Young Scholar Award

The AIESEP Young Scholar Award was established in 2001 by former AIESEP Board Member Eitan Eldar (Isreal). The intent of the award is to recognise early career scholars within the field who have made an outstanding contribution to the field and demonstrate scholarly promise.

AIESEP  Young Scholar Award

The AIESEP Young Scholar Award is a competition for young members who plan or have embarked on careers as researchers. Applicants are encouraged to apply for the Young Scholar Award during their graduate studies or early years of post graduation (three [3] years post PhD).  Recipients will receive a waiver of their registration fees and be formally recognized at the AIESEP Congress or Conference he/she is attending.

Applicants must submit the following documentation as part of their application:

(a) CV,

(b) One page description of intention for future involvement in AIESEP and Pedagogy Research,

(c) Proof of study (if still in graduate studies),

(d) Abstract of submitted presentation, and

(e) A letter of recommendation from an AIESEP Member in good standing.

The application, via e-mail, should be addressed to Tristan Wallhead ([email protected]) no later than the deadline for abstract submission for Gold Coast 2022.  The AIESEP Young Scholar Award committee will notify the recipients no later than one month after the submission date.

Those receiving the AIESEP Young Scholar Award will be obligated to: (a) Deliver a presentation (oral or poster) at the AIESEP Conference, and (b) Participate in a networking event with the current Board at the relevant conference.   The number of approved awards depends on specific yearly budget and will not exceed five [5] per Congress or Conference.

Applicants must be members of AIESEP (see here for how to become a member). Award recipients receive a waiver of their registration fees and formal recognition at a given AIESEP Congress/Conference.

AIESEP  Young Scholar Award Policies and Procedures

Objective: To support the participation of early career scholars in AIESEP conferences

Policies & Procedures: Supporting the participation and involvement of early career scholars in AIESEP meetings will require adherence to the following policies and procedures:

  1. Purpose: To attract young members of the academy to AIESEP and provide a grant that will waive registration fees for recipients to AIESEP World Congresses and Conferences (there is no award for AIESEP Specialist Seminars).

2. Eligibility: Only researchers at their early stages of scholarly development (during their doctoral studies or three [3] years post doctoral study completion).  Applicants must be AIESEP members and provide relevant proof of membership.  

3. Application Materials: CV, a short description of intention of future involvement in Pedagogy (up to one page), proof of study (if still in doctoral studies), a copy of a submitted abstract to the conference, & a recommendation from an AIESEP Member in good standing.

4. Committee: Board Members on said Young Scholars committee.

5. Recipient Obligation: Recipients are required to: (a) Deliver a presentation of a paper (oral or poster),and (b) Participate in a Young scholars networking event with Board members during the conference. Organising committee may consider a special student session (oral or poster).

  1. Allocation: Up to 5 for each conference. Number of grants depends on specific yearly budget. A maximum of one candidate who is a resident of the AIESEP conference host country may be granted the award.
  2. Promotion of Competition: The call for applications will be advertised on: (a) AIESEP website, (b) AIESEP Blog & (c) a direct e-mailing of information to all AIESEP members.


Young Scholar Committee (2022):

Tristan Wallhead, Erin Gerlach, Jaoa Martins and Eimear Enright.


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