Early Career Scholar Award

The AIESEP Early Career Scholar Award (formally Young Scholar Award) was established in 2001 by former AIESEP Board Member Eitan Eldar (Israel). The intent of the award is to recognise early career scholars within the field who have made an outstanding contribution to the field and demonstrate scholarly promise.


AIESEP  Early Career Scholar Award

The AIESEP Early Career Scholar Award is a competition for AIESEP members who are active in contributing to the field of physical education and sport pedagogy through high quality scholarship. Applicants are encouraged to apply for the Early Career Scholar Award during their first three years post PhD completion.  Recipients will receive a waiver of their registration fees and be formally recognized at the AIESEP Congress or Conference.

Applicants must submit the following documentation as part of their application:

(a) CV,

(b) One page description of intention for future involvement in AIESEP and Pedagogy Research,

(c) Proof of study (if still in doctoral studies),

(d) Abstract of submitted presentation, and

(e) A letter of recommendation from an AIESEP Member in good standing.


The application, via e-mail, should be addressed to Carla Luguetti (Carla Luguetti Carla.NascimentoLuguetti@vu.edu.au no later than the deadline for abstract submission.  The AIESEP Early Career Scholar Award committee will notify the recipients no later than one month after the submission date.


Those receiving the AIESEP Early Career Scholar Award will be obligated to: (a) Deliver a presentation (oral or poster) at the AIESEP Conference, and (b) Participate Early Career Scholar events.


Early Career Scholar Committee (2024):

Kristy Howells, Carla Luguetti, Carla Vidoni


Award recipients (2001-2024)

2024 – Jyvaskyla, Finland

  • Jamie Brunsdon (USA)
  • Donna Niemistö (Finland)
  • Harry Liu (USA)
  • Dan Jones (UK)
  • Ping Fan (USA)

2023- Santiago de Chile

  • Stephanie Beni (Canada)
  • Eishin Teraoka (Japan)
  • Dylan Scanlon (Australia)

2022 – Gold Coast, Australia

  • Jenna Lorusso (Canada)
  • Dillon Landi (Scotland)
  • Heidi J Ferreira (Brazil)
  • Miguel Peralta (Spain)

2021 – Banff, Canada

  • Mara Simon (USA)
  • Kelly Simonton (USA)
  • Cassandra Iannucci (Australia)
  • Mats Hordvik (Norway)
  • Oliver Hooper (UK)
  • Shreehan Lynch (UK)

2019 – Adelphi, USA

  • Colum Cronin (UK)
  • Katharina Ptack (Germany)
  • Victoria Ivy (USA)

2018 – Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Jennifer Breithecker. (Germany)
  • João Martins (Portugal)
  • Risto Marttinen (USA)

2017 – Guadeloupe

  • Aiko Möhwald (Germany)
  • Magnus Ferry (Sweden)

2016 – Wyoming, USA

  • Erin Centeio (USA)
  • Luciana Braga (Brazil/USA)
  • Nathan Hall (Canada)

2015 – Madrid, Spain

  • Christian Herrmann (Switzerland)
  • Alexandre Mouton (Belgium)
  • Victoria Goodyear (UK)
  • Lee Schaefer (Canada)
  • Michalis Stylianou (USA)

2014 – Auckland, New Zealand

  • Tim Fletcher (Canada)
  • Nelli Lyrra (Finland)
  • Michelle Dillon (Ireland)
  • Kasper Makela (Finland)
  • Valeria Varea (Australia)
  • Erika Pratt (USA)

2013 – Warsaw, Poland

  • Eimear Enright (Australia)
  • Hsin-heng Chen (Taiwan)
  • Kevin Andrew Richards (USA)

2011 – Limerick, Ireland

  • Michael Hemphill (USA)
  • Bonnie Pang (Australia)
  • Shiri Ayvazo (USA)
  • Leyla Saraç (Turkey)
  • Xihe Zhu (USA)
  • Jamie O’Conner (USA)

2010 – La Coruna (Spain)

  • Maura Coulter (Ireland)
  • Tom Quarmby (UK)
  • Sanna Palomaki (Finland)
  • Gokce Erturan Iiker (Turkey)
  • Collin Webster (USA)
  • Peter Iserbyt (Belgium)

2009 – Basancon

  • Dean Barker (Switzerland)

2009 – Florida, USA

  • Miriam Kehne (Germany)
  • Anna Bryant (nee Leyshon) (UK)

2008 – Sappora, Japan

  • Alison Nelson (Australia)
  • Bob Madou (Belgium)
  • Wonjung Kim (South Korea)
  • Hayley Fitzgerald (UK)

2006 – Jyväskylä, Finland

  • Erin Gerlach (Germany)
  • Anthony Leow Chee Siong (Singapore)
  • Canan Koca (Turkey)
  • Ingrid Verscheure (France)
  • Mara Manson (USA)
  • Darla Castelli (USA)
  • Sarajane Belton (Ireland)
  • Peter Hay (Australia/USA)

2005 – Lisbon, Portugal

  • Markus Gerber (Switzerland)
  • Oleg Sinelnikov (Russia/USA)

2002 – La Coruna, Spain

  • Lyndal Groom (Australia)
  • Bob Martin (USA)

2001 – Madeira, Portugal

  • Ching-wei Chang (Taiwan)
  • Bianca von Einem (Germany)
  • Niki Tsangaridou (Cyprus)

To view photos of previous award winners visit our gallery.