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Cagigal Scholar Lectures

CagigalIn honor of AIESEP’s former President, José Maria Cagigal, and his many achievements in his life, his profession and in AIESEP, the Board initiated the José Maria Cagigal Scholar Lecture in 1990. The lectures given in his name are listed below. Lectures given prior to 2000 were published in a commemorative book (Piéron & González, 2001). More recent lectures are available through the relevant links. The José Maria Cagigal Scholar Lecture is now awarded every four years during AIESEP World Congresses.


Mikael Quennerstedt, AIESEP 2018, Edinburgh, Scotland

Jan Wright, AIESEP 2014, Auckland, New Zealand

Francisco Carreiro da Costa, AIESEP 2010, La Coruña, Spain

Hal Lawson, AIESEP 2008, Sapporo, Japan

Catherine Ennis, AIESEP 2006, Jyväskylä, Finland

Jürgen Baur, 2004 Pre-Olympic Congress, Thessaloniki, Greece

Maurice Piéron, AIESEP 2002, La Coruña, Spain

Richard Tinning, AIESEP 2001, Tapei

Paul Godbout, AIESEP 2001, Madeira, Portugal

Judith Rink, AIESEP 1999, Besancon, France

Marc Durand, AIESEP 1998, Long Island, USA

Karen DePauw, AIESEP 1997, Rio de Janerio, Brasil

John Cheffers, AIESEP 1997, Singapore

Thomas Martinek, AIESEP 1996, Lisbon, Portugal

Len Almond, 1996 Pre-Olympic Congress, Dallas, USA

Ronald S. Feingold, AIESEP 1995, Netanya, Israel

George Sage, AIESEP 1994, Berlin, Germany

Deborah A Wuest, AIESEP 1993, Ballarat, Australia

Paul Schempp, 1993 CESU Conference World University Games, Buffalo, USA

Risto Telama, 1992 Pre-Olympic Congress, Malaga, Spain

Wolf-Dietrich Brettschneider, AIESEP 1991, Atlanta, USA

Manoel José Gomes Tubino, AIESEP 1990, Rio de Janerio, Brasil

Linda Bain, AIESEP 1990, Loughborough, UK