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Trois Rivières, 1993

Organizer: Department of Physical Activity Sciences,Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada.

Chairperson: C. Paré.

Theme: The training of teachers in reflexive practice of physical education.


  1. Teaching and reflective pedagogical practice;
  2. Training in reflective practice: from teacher initial training to continuous professional education;
  3. In-coming physical education students’ presocialization and preconceptions;
  4. Pre-service programs leading to the development of reflective practice;
  5. Pedagogical strategies suitable for developing reflective practice;
  6. Induction of reflective teachers to professional practice;
  7. Institutional contexts favourable to the support of reflective practice;
  8. Pedagogical strategies supporting physical education teachers’ reflective practice.

Publications: Paré C. (Ed.). «Better Teaching in Physical Education? Think about it!» Trois-Rivières: UQTR, 1995, 332 pp. «Mieux enseigner l’éducation physique? Pensez-y». Trois-Rivières: UQTR, 1995, 374 pp.