AIESEP Position Statement on Physical Education Assessment

The AIESEP specialist seminar ‘Future Directions in PE Assessment’ was held from October 18-20 2018, at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The seminar aimed to bring together leading scholars in the field to present and discuss ‘evidence-informed’ views on various topics around physical education assessment. It brought together 71 experts from 20 countries to share research on physical education assessment via keynote lectures and research presentations and to discuss assessment-related issues in interactive sessions.

Input from this meeting informed a first draft version of the statement. This first draft was sent to all participants of the specialist seminar for feedback, from which a second draft was created. This draft was presented at the AIESEP International Conference 2019 in Garden City, New York, after which further feedback was collected from participants both on site and through an online survey. Approval was granted by the AIESEP Board on May 7th, 2020.

Largely in keeping with the main themes of the AIESEP specialist seminar ‘Future Directions in PE Assessment’, this Position Statement ( is divided into the following sections: Assessment Literacy;
Accountability & Policy; Instructional Alignment; Assessment for Learning; Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) and Continuing Professional Development; Digital Technology in PE Assessment.

These sections are preceded by a brief overview of research data on physical education. The statement concludes with directions for future research.
Dissemination plans for the statement include (i) translating the statement into numerous languages, (ii) disseminating to our respect target groups through social media, websites, professional journals, PETE-curricula, and professional development programmes, and (iii) facilitating discussion related to the statement at the a online #AIESEPConnect session scheduled for August 2020.

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