A Review of SOFIT Studies

Thom McKenzie felt that some AIESEP researchers might be interested in this review paper of SOFIT international studies.

It can can be downloaded free by clicking on the link below.

Smith, N. J., McKenzie, T. L., & Hammons, A. J. (2019). International studies of physical education using SOFIT: A review. Advances in Physical Education, 9,53-74.

Data extraction was conducted to evaluate the characteristics of the 29 studies and to synthesize commonly reported SOFIT variables. The studies, conducted on 5 continents, included direct observations of 2703 lessons in 348 schools taught by more than 600 teachers in 10 different countries.

It is a follow-up to:
McKenzie, T. L., & Smith, N. J. (2017). Studies of physical education in the United States using SOFIT: A Review. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport,88 (4), 492-502. doi:10.1080/02701367.2017.1376028.

Twenty-nine studies that included direct observations of 12,256 PE lessons met inclusion criteria; 17 were conducted in elementary schools, 9 in secondary schools, and 3 in combined- level schools. Inconsistent reporting among studies was evident, including not all identifying the number of classes and teachers involved. All studies reported student physical activity, but fewer reported observer reliabilities (88%), lesson context (76%), teacher behavior (38%), and PE dosage (34%). The most frequently analyzed independent variables were teacher preparation (48%), lesson location (38%), and student gender (31%).

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