AIESEP Early Career Scholar Award 2023: Dylan Scanlon


Dylan Scanlon is a lecturer in Health and Physical Education at the School of Education at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. He completed his PhD in 2021 at University of Limerick, Ireland, under supervision of Professor Ann MacPhail and Dr. Antonio Calderón. His scholarly work in physical education and sport pedagogy is aligned with the areas of curriculum and policy. His research interests in physical education include curriculum and assessment, physical education teacher education pedagogies, policy, social justice, and figurational sociology. Dylan’s trajectory in sport pedagogy research started during his undergraduate program, focusing on students’ goal orientation and participation in physical education. On his master’s thesis, his focus turned to the sociological perspectives of inservice teachers. He progressed onto his PhD exploring the construction and enactment of curriculum policy through different stakeholders’ perspectives, and research on assessment during his postdoctoral fellowship. Dylan has demonstrated an exceptional capacity to produce scholarly outputs with school students and teachers, and with peers and university faculty. At AIESEP World Congress 2023, Dylan will present his research (along with his colleagues) on conceptualisation and (re)development of a pedagogy of vulnerability for physical education teacher education. Specifically exploring questions about physical education teacher educators understanding of vulnerability in their practice, aspects of vulnerability and/or pedagogy of vulnerability PETE, and how enactment of vulnerability in practice inform the (re)development of a pedagogy of vulnerability in PETE. His recommendation forEarly Career Scholar Award came from Professor Ann MacPhail.

You can meet Dylan Scanlon and other Early Career Scholars awardees on July 4th, between 10am and 1pm, during the Early Career Network Workshop at the AIESEP World Congress in Santiago, Chile.

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