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Below are some announcements about what is happening at AIESEP! Remember to renew your membership! Memberships expire Dec 31st of each year, so if you don’t have an on-going 3-year membership, it is time to renew!


  1. The 2024 AIESEP Conference will be held in Jyväskylä, Finland from May 13-17th with pre-conference sessions being held on the 13th. The registration is now open! The conference venue tops out at 600 registrants, so once we get to that number we cannot add anymore. The preliminary schedule is posted, and all acceptance letters have been sent. You can find info on the registration fees, and hotel discount codes on the conference website


  1. AIESEP is excited to announce our two 2024 Developing Country Scholars: Ernest Yeboah Acheampong from the University of Education, Winneba, Ghana and Daniel Gaita Njenga from Kenyatta University in Nairobi were both selected for this award and will present their research at the AIESEP conference in Finland in May. Both scholars will receive a one-year membership to AIESEP, a waiver for conference fees, and have their travel covered by generous support from SAFINET.


  1. AIESEP is now accepting donations to support future developing country scholars as well as PhD students who have been selected to attend the PhD Summer School in Finland this May. We have created a page on the website that shares information about how to donate and how your donation makes a difference


  1. Each month in this newsletter, leading up to the conference, we will highlight one of our keynote speakers. This month, we highlight David Lubans. In his presentation, Dr. Lubans will talk about the barriers to changing school policy and practice and outline key considerations that might help speed up the translation of research into practice using examples from the Australian context. The keynote lecture will also highlight the importance of utilizing implementation science and collaborating with partners from the education and health sectors to optimize the impact of physical education research.

Here is his faculty profile.

David Lubans’ Biography: Prof. David Lubans is one of the world’s leading authorities on physical activity promotion in schools. He is currently a Professor at the University of Newcastle and the Deputy Director of the Centre for Active Living and Learning. In 2022, he joined the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä as a Visiting Professor. The major focus of his multi-disciplinary program of research is the design, evaluation, and dissemination of school-based physical activity interventions. Much of his research has involved inter-sectoral partnerships with government and non-government organisations. Prof. Lubans has been recognised as a ‘Clarivate Highly Cited Researcher’ (top 1% most cited for subject field and year of publication) for the past four years (2019 to 2022).


  1. Preparing for your Finland trip? Risto Marttinen, Secretary General of AIESEP has written two blogs about Finland and how to get there. The first blog is about “Booking travel to AIESEP 2024”. You can listen to an audio version of the blog here. The second blog dives deeper into the “ins and outs” of Finland in general and provides some background on hotel recommendations. A summary of the second  blog is also available in audio format in this podcast. A third blog will be launched closer to the conference time and will give you some insider notes from locals on things to do, coffee shops to stop in, and restaurants to try in both Helsinki and Jyväskylä.


  1. Train tickets to Jyväskylä are now available! You can book tickets at fi For details on train travel, look at the December newsletter (didn’t get the newsletter before? Go to the bottom of the AIESEP website and sign up) OR read it here. Remember, train tickets in Finland get more expensive as they start to sell out and the departure time gets closer. Tickets (one way) right now from Helsinki are about 9 to 13 euros depending on how flexible you are on your travel time. These tickets can rise up to €40 to €50 if you wait. You should also note that there are direct trains from Helsinki and trains with a transfer so make sure you are aware of the two options. If you leave from the airport you will need to transfer at least once in Tikkurila.


  1. The AIESEP PhD Summer School will feature students from: South Africa, Ghana, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, UK, Canada, Portugal, Turkey, Zimbabwe, USA, Finland, France, and Spain! The six faculty mentors who are providing feedback on student writing samples, presentation skills, and leading a 3-day workshop in Jyväskylä are:


  • Risto Marttinen (George Mason University, USA) Faculty Profile
    • Secretary General, and Board Member AIESEP
  • Carla Nascimento Luguetti (University of Melbourne, AUS) Faculty Profile
    • Board Member AIESEP
  • João Martins (University of Lisbon, Portugal) Faculty Profile
    • Board Member AIESEP
  • Doune Macdonald (The University of Queensland, AUS) Faculty Profile
    • Professor and Pro Vice-Chancellor
  • Kevin Andrew Richards (University of Illinois, USA) Faculty Profile
    • Associate Professor
  • Cassandra Iannucci (Deakin University, AUS) Faculty Profile
    • Senior Lecturer and AIESEP Administrator


  1. The call for hosting the 2026 AIESEP World Congress and 2027 Conference is out. The application is here: We encourage any university who is interested, to express their interest in applying to Risto Marttinen ( Bids are due Feb 16th.


  1. The 2025 AIESEP Conference will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida May 18th to the 22nd, 2025. Some preliminary information is up on this website


  1. The next AIESEP Connect will take place on Thursday 28thof March, from 9AM to 10AM (Mountain Time, USA) / 11am (New York). It will be led by the AIESEP Vice President and board member Tristan Wallhead. Here is a brief intro:

“Taking it out of PE” – A discussion of contemporary evidence of the transfer of student PA behaviors from physical education to extra-curricular contexts. 

The promotion and development of a physically active lifestyle has evolved as a ubiquitous goal for PE across the globe. Despite this value proposition, the empirical evidence for the transfer or generalization of student physical activity behaviors from PE to extra-curricular contexts remains limited. There remains a pressing need to discuss how students’ motivational experiences and behavior competencies developed in PE can contribute to the adoption of a more physically active lifestyle by students choosing to “take it out of PE”. In this AIESEP connect event we will present a summary of contemporary research studies from two theoretical perspectives that have examined the notion of transfer or behavioral generalizability from PE to extra-curricular school-based contexts. The connect event will conclude with a discussion of potential next steps in this line of research and the scope for international collaborations through the AIESEP network.


Meeting ID: 941 7929 2995

Passcode: 430960


The link to join is above. You will be able to find the recording on the podcast Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education or the AIESEP website. Past video recordings can be found here.

  1. As a reminder the AIESEP Blog has moved  You can find member blogs, job openings, and announcements there throughout the year.


Finally, as we build out our new website, emails and newsletters will come from so please add this to your “safe sender list” and check your filters for past messages. And, finally, if you’re still reading and enjoyed this newsletter, please consider forwarding it to your colleagues!




Risto Marttinen

Secretary General AIESEP

Associate Professor

George Mason University



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