AIESEP Pre-conference – Early Career Network Workshop

AIESEP Pre-conference – Early Career Network Workshop – FREE for delegates attending AIESEP 2024, Finland. Register here!


Join us on Monday, May 13, from 1 pm to 3:30 pm for an engaging Early Career Network Workshop. This workshop aims to foster meaningful conversations among doctoral and early career researchers (ECRs) from diverse countries. The focus will be on exploring the complexities, intricacies, and possibilities inherent in multiple roles within an academic career. Facilitating some of the workshop activities will be previous recipients of the Early Career Scholar award (formerly known as the Young Scholar Award). These experienced facilitators bring valuable insights to the discussions. The workshop has been carefully crafted to address the specific challenges and aspirations of early career academics, ensuring that the content is both relevant and meaningful to their unique journey.


A highlight of the workshop is its emphasis on fostering connections, networking, and welcoming PhD students and ECRs who are attending an AIESEP conference. The workshop is structured to be an interactive and friendly space. It will be organised in three distinct ‘moments’:


1st moment (1 pm – 2:45 pm): A World Café style


We will begin with an interactive workshop designed to stimulate discussion, reflection, and collaboration among scholars. The workshop is envisioned in a World Café style format, fostering a dynamic and participatory environment. Participants will be divided into small groups, each centered around a table with a specific theme. Each table will feature a case study, question, or problem that the group will work through collaboratively. The aim is to drive deep discussion and debate, allowing for a robust exchange of ideas and perspectives. After a set period, participants will rotate to a new table, engaging with a new topic and a new group of peers.


This rotation will continue, affording each participant the opportunity to delve into several different subjects throughout the workshop. The small group discussions are designed to be intensive and focused, encouraging active participation and critical thinking. To culminate the workshop, a larger discussion will be held where groups can share their insights and findings with all participants. This will not only help in summarising the day’s work but also in building a collective understanding of the various issues explored. See the facilitators and possible themes:



Dr Kevin Andrew Richards (USA) – Early Career Scholar Award winner 2013

Dr Risto Marttinen (USA) – Early Career Scholar Award winner 2018

Dr Joao Martins (Portugal) – Early Career Scholar Award winner 2018

Dr Cassandra Iannucci (Australia) – Early Career Scholar Award winner 2021

Dr Carla Nascimento Luguetti (Australia)



Possible themes

  1. Theory Comprehension: Gain a profound understanding of theoretical frameworks relevant to your field, fostering a solid foundation for scholarly pursuits.


  1. Grant Writing Proficiency: Develop the skills necessary to craft compelling grant proposals, enhancing your ability to secure funding for research projects.


  1. Publication Process Insight: Acquire comprehensive knowledge of the publication process, from manuscript preparation to navigating the peer-review system, ensuring successful dissemination of your research.


  1. Internationalization and Collaboration: Explore strategies for international collaboration, broadening your research scope and fostering connections with scholars from diverse backgrounds.


  1. Navigating Neoliberal Institutions: Navigate the complexities of neoliberal academic environments, understanding the challenges and opportunities presented by institutional structures.


  1. Interpersonal Relationship Management (Colleague/Supervisor): Cultivate effective communication and interpersonal skills to navigate relationships with colleagues and supervisors, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.


  1. Mentorship Development: Engage in mentorship opportunities to guide and be guided, building a supportive network that contributes to your professional and personal growth as an ECR.


Break – 15min – networking


2nd Session (3:00 pm – 3:30 pm): Collaborative Formation of an ECR SIG


During this segment, we will delve into the establishment of an Early Career Researcher (ECR) Special Interest Group (SIG). Drawing on informal discussions and insights gathered from a survey administered to participants in the previous year’s ECR Network workshop in Chile (2023), it became evident that many expressed a keen interest in forming an ECR SIG.


The session kicks off with a brief introduction to the concept of a SIG within AIESEP, providing context and understanding. Subsequently, the floor will be open for a group discussion, allowing attendees to actively contribute their thoughts and ideas towards the co-creation of this ECR SIG.



Dr Carla Nascimento Luguetti (Australia)

Dr Cassandra Iannucci (Australia)


3rd moment (3:30 pm- 5 pm): Social gathering (optional, but recommended!) 

Following the workshop, we invite you to join us for an informal social gathering at a venue conveniently located near the university. While attendance is optional, we highly recommend participating as it provides an excellent opportunity for further networking, relaxed conversations, and building connections with fellow attendees. Enjoy a casual and friendly atmosphere as we continue the exchange of ideas and experiences in a more relaxed setting.

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