Best Poster Awards 2006

Jyväskylä, Finland


Session One: Research on Teaching Physical Education and Teacher Education

1st prize

Authors: Terhi Huovinen, Mirja Hirvensalo, Nelli Johansson & Pilvikki Heikinaro-Johansson

Title: Supporting the professional growth of pre-service teachers through staff-tutoring


2nd prize

Authors: Collin Webster, Graeme Connolly & Paul Schempp

Title: The finishing touch: Tracing the anatomy of expert lesson closures in sport


3rd prize

Authors: Sanna Palomäki & Pilvikki Heikinaro-Johansson

Title: The influence of teacher education on the pedagogical thinking of physical education pre-service teachers


Session Two: Research on Physical Education

1st prize

Authors: Pang, B.O. & Ha, A. S.

Title: Physical activity and sport participation of young people: A Hong Kong parent’s perspective


2nd prize

Authors: Minna Blomqvist & Tomi Vänttinen

Title: Knowledge of soccer terminology in junior players


3rd prize

Authors: Javier Zaragoza Casterad, José Ramón Serra Puyal, Oswaldo Ceballos Gurrola, Eduardo Generelo Lanaspa & Enrique Serrano Ostariz

Title: Sedentary lifestyle in teenagers from different environments: Differences according to recorded periods, activity intensity and gender