Board of Directors – Election Candidate/s for Individual Member

Board of Directors – Election Candidate/s for Individual Member representatives.

There are six candidates

  • Carla Luguetti
  • Carla Vidoni
  • Erin Gerlach
  • Kristy Howells
  • Risto Marttinen
  • Tristan Wallhead

Elections will be held live at the (virtual) AIESEP 2022 General Assembly. Information and access to the General Assembly will be distributed via email addresses associated with AIESEP memberships. If you are unable to attend the General Assembly live (virtually), you may submit a proxy via the voting platform. Information and access will be circulated via email. 

Only Individual members will be eligible to vote for Individual Members representatives. Eligibility requires you to have been a member as of May 17th 2022 and through the duration of the AIESEP 2022 World Congress.

If you have questions about the election progress, please first visit the AIESEP Election Process Documentation and if your question persists, email the current AIESEP Secretary General. 

Cassandra Iannucci

Cassandra Iannucci

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