Call for Applications for SITL Conference Grant Award

The Spectrum Institute for Teaching and Learning (SITL) is providing grants of $1,000 to Spectrum of Teaching Styles advocates who are presenting at an International level conference where submitted presentation abstracts are peer-reviewed. The presentation must be specific to the Spectrum of Teaching Styles and can be practical or research-based.

These grants are available to help defer the costs associated with presenting at an International conference (i.e., conference registration, travel, accommodations, etc.). The purpose of this grant program is to promote and enhance scholarship specific to the Spectrum of Teaching Styles.

The awarding of the grants will occur through a competitive process. Applications are open to master’s and doctoral degree students, university faculty, teachers, and coaches. Applicants are limited to receiving one SITL grant per calendar year.

Application Process

To apply, download and complete the Application Packet from our website as per the instructions provided in the Application Packet. Then make sure to email your application to

If your Application Packet reviews favorably (i.e., accepted by the SITL review committee), you must forward a copy of the conference organizing committee’s official letter of acceptance before the date of the presentation.

The financial award associated with each successful grant application will be made payable to the principal presenter’s university/institution/school.  Because of this, recipients will have to include proof that their university/institution/school is a non-profit organization.  For U.S. based institutions, that is the EIN (Employer Identification Number).  For institutions based outside of the U.S., we will require documentation with the institution’s letterhead stating that it is a non-profit institution. We are accepting Application Packets for International presentations that will take place between July 1 and December 30, 2023. These Application Packets are due on or before May 30, 2023, or until all earmarked funds are awarded.

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