Call for Presenters for Spectrum Institute 2024 Workshop Series

The Spectrum Institute is looking for presenters for our 2024 workshop series “Revealing the Spectrum of Teaching Styles in Various Stages of Education”. It will consist of five Zoom sessions which will be starting in March 2023 and will provide colleagues with an opportunity to communicate their practices of teaching the Spectrum and their thoughts about enhancing Spectrum related knowledge.

In these sessions, we would welcome Spectrum presentations about issues related to social justice and inclusion, social and emotional learning (SEL), technology, teacher training and professional development, teacher socialization, content knowledge, PSTs perceptions of training and using, as well as other areas of interest. Each of the workshop sessions will last 60 minutes and will include two presentations (25-minute presentation plus 5 minutes for questions/discussion). The tentative dates and times for these sessions are as follows:


  • Friday 8.3.2024, 10:00am EST
  • Friday 22.3.2024, 10:00am EST
  • Friday 5.4.2024, 10:00am EST
  • Friday 19.4.2024, 10:00am EST
  • Friday 10.5.2024, 10:00am EST


* If you would like to present at our workshop, please submit the application form which can be found on the linked page to us at no later than January 31, 2024.

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