Call to host AIESEP 2022, 2023, or 2024

The #AIESEPFamily is rapidly expanding. Since its inception, it has evolved into an inter-generational, interdisciplinary community committed to excellence in research in physical education and health, physical activity and sports coaching. Moreover, AIESEP seeks to disseminate praxis which impacts on the quality of the experience children and young people enjoy when engaging in PE, PA and sport.

During each year, we arrange a conference to bring our #AIESEPFamily together to share and disseminate best praxis in our field. We now invite institutional members to apply to host any of the following AIESEP annual conferences:

(a) AIESEP World Congress 2022
(b) AIESEP Conference 2023
(c) AIESEP Conference 2024

If you are interested in hosting any of these prestigious events, the first step in the bid process is to complete the application form and submit it to:
Dr. Fiona Chambers, General Secretary, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland ( by 8th March, 2019.

Your proposal will be considered at the AIESEP Board Meeting in Adelphi in June 2019. You may be asked to attend that meeting and present your proposal to the AIESEP Board.