Chuck Corbin’s ’60 Years of Scholarship’ Lecture

Today, we’re excited to share with you a resource that epitomizes the wealth of knowledge and experience within our field: Chuck Corbin’s “60 years of scholarship in Kinesiology and Physical Education”. This video is part of the prestigious International Organization for Health, Sports, & Kinesiology 2023 Internationally Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series.

Watch the Lecture Here

Chuck Corbin, a luminary in the field of physical education and kinesiology, delivers an insightful and inspiring talk, drawing upon his six decades of scholarship. His journey through the evolving landscape of kinesiology and physical education offers not only a historical perspective but also invaluable lessons and foresights for both current and future generations of educators and practitioners.

In this lecture, Corbin delves into the milestones of our discipline, highlighting the pivotal developments and how they have shaped the way we understand and teach physical education and kinesiology today. His reflections are more than just a recount of history; they are a treasure trove of wisdom, offering guidance and inspiration for all of us committed to the growth and betterment of this field.

Sharing this video is part of our commitment to promoting excellence and continued learning in physical education and kinesiology. We encourage you to watch it, reflect on the insights shared, and join us in a discussion about how we can collectively take our field to new heights.

Remember, the journey of learning is endless, and resources like this are what keep our passion and profession alive and thriving.

Happy watching and learning!

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