Education Sciences: Call for Special Issue manuscript submissions

Education Sciences is calling for manuscript submissions for a special issue on physical education pedagogies.


Special Issue Information

This special edition aims to interrogate and explore the dynamic elements that contribute to high quality physical education (PE) pedagogy, for teachers, pre-service teachers and physical education students. The philosophical framework is based on an inclusive, accessible approach to design, implementation and assessment of innovative physical education programs. The editors aim to frame the journal submissions around (i) an empowering approach that encourages students’ choice and voice in activities, (ii) the development of PE classes that offer multiple points of access through a variety of movement patterns and levels of physical literacy, (iii) the critical importance of tapping in to learners’ internal motivation and joy of movement and (iv) the social, affective relationships that develop when moving in non-competitive, safe spaces. Authors are encouraged to submit recent research or ongoing project summaries that inspire critical reflective thinking in areas of PE pedagogy, PE teacher education (PETE), equity diversity and inclusion, assessment and evaluation in PE, PE competencies, technology and innovation, quality PE, student experiences in PE, and program planning.

Backman, E., Tolgfors, B., Nyberg, G. & Quennerstedt, M. (2023) How does physical education teacher education matter? A methodological approach to understanding transitions from PETE to school physical education. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy,28(4),411–424.

Chiva-Bartoll O. & Fernández-Rio, F.J. (2021) Advocating for service-learning as a pedagogical model in physical education: Towards an activist and transformative approach. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 27(5), 545–558.

We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Dr. Wendy Barber
Dr. William Walters
Guest Editors

For more information, including how to submit, please click here.

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