Former AIESEP Young Scholar Christian Herrmann completes his habilitation

Dr Christian Herrmann from the University of Basel completed his habilitation at the Educational Sciences Unit of the University of Potsdam in Germany. Christian was one of the Young Scholars at the AIESEP International Conference in Madrid 2015. The habilitation is, among the junior-professorship and the habilitation-equivalent output, one of three options to receive a permanent position as a professor in German-speaking countries. Due to his broad spectrum of empirical studies in his post-doctoral thesis about „Basic Motor Competencies“ as well as his habilitation lecture about „Quality of Teaching in Physical Education“ Herrmann was granted the Venia Legendi (Teaching Authority) for Sport Sciences. AIESEP congratulations to Christian for this significant step.

(On the picture Christian with AIESEP Treasurer Uwe Pühse on the right and AIESEP Board Member Erin Gerlach on the left)

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