Heidelberg, 1986

Organizer: University of Heidelberg, Germany. The AIESEP 1986 Congress was in celebration of the 600th anniversary of the University founded in 1386 by Kurfurst Ruprecht I.

Theme: The physical education teacher and coach today.


  1. The social role of the physical education teacher and the coach;
  2. Social interaction in physical education and coaching;
  3. Media and electronic technology in teaching and training;
  4. Research methods in sport pedagogy and coaching.

Publication: Rieder H. & Hanke U. (Eds.). «The physical education teacher and coach today. Sportlehrer und Trainer heute». Köln: Sport und Buch Strauss. Vol. 1 (1987), 381 pp; Vol. 2 (1988), 589 pp.

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