Best Poster Awards 2015


Madrid, Spain


1st prize

Authors: Perreault, G., Turcotte, S., Berrigan, F., Tessier, O., & Auger, D.

Title: Physical Activity Guidelines: the Role of PE Teacher


2nd prize

Authors: Pratt, E., & Parker, M.


2nd prize

Authors: Jeongkyu, K., & Ooksang, C.

Title: The Influence of School Sport Clubs on Middle School Students’ Violent Inclinations


3rd prize

Authors: Gerber, M., Jonsdottir, I.H., Borjesson, M., Lindwall, M., & Lindegard, A.

Title: Changes in Mental Health in Compliers and Non-Compliers with Physical Activity Recommendations in Patients with Stress-Related Exhaustion


3rd prize

Authors: Berrigan, F., Turcotte, S., Beaudoin, S., Gignac, C., Bernier, P-M.

Title: Improving Academic Achievement Through Physical Activity Before Class