Maurice Tardif (1953 – 2023)

Maurice Tardif passed away on Sunday morning of May 7, 2023, a victim of cancer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Maurice was married to Cecilia Borges, also a university professor, and had a son, Paul.

Tardif was a professor at the University of Montreal and his vast and extensive work has been published in more than eight languages and in more than thirty countries. Tardif was one of the main exponents of his generation in the professional learning area, inaugurating, in collaboration with several authors, the concept of “teaching knowledge” [saberes docentes]. His research, strongly linked to teachers’ intervention, sought to value work and recognize the dilemmas and challenges of the teaching profession. Additionally, it sought to establish investigative proposals anchored in pedagogical practice and the appreciation of teachers as essential social actors in the process and not just as objects of investigation. Tardif immensely influenced the field of physical education and sport pedagogy. He was able to build an important legacy by articulating French-speaking scholars, English-speaking scholars and Latin American scholars. He spoke numerous languages and was invited several times to keynote, courses and seminars in several countries. His legacy will continue to mark all people who fight for the appreciation of responsible and ethical education, culture and science.

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