Meaningful early years – join the #AIESEPConnect May 26th

The AIESEP Early Years SIG will host AIESEP Connect #CoffeeWithColleagues interested to discuss about the meaningful early years. Our special guests will come from different time zones to share their lates findings and main messages.

First presenter comes from Canada. Dr Nathan Hall will talk about the effectiveness of the delivery Movement for Life! physical literacy education program for early childhood education staff. The results revealed program’s ability to increase ECE’s knowledge and understanding to foster physical literacy development of young children. Further, results showed significant increases in confidence levels of their ECEs. Physical literacy development activities illuminated the success of the Movement for Life! Therefore, such programs are recommended to all ECEs.

The second presenter will be Dr Dan Jones. He will talk about the study done in North-East of England. In their study the PA levels of children aged 4–5years were analysed. They found that on average 97.4% of the children within the study were able to meet the UK PA guidelines for 5–18-year-olds. However, there were temporal, sex and socioeconomic differences in children’s PA.  That is why they recommend targeted interventions to promote the need for PA in school, community and home settings. They see this as possibility to prevent inequalities in PA polarization.

The third talk to be inspired for general discussion will give Zack Smith. His talk will describe how one ECE teacher can prioritise meaningful experiences for children in PE. His experience includes huge variation of different information sources, like lessons plans; teacher reflections; teacher narrative, and teacher artifacts such as tweets, Power Point slides, timelines, photos and children’s interviews. He propose value of story-telling in pedagogy to frame young children’s experience of movements for meaningful physical education.

Please feel welcomed to join our discussion in May 26th at 3pm (UK), 4pm (CET) and 10am (DMT) Check your time zone here.

Meeting information:

Meeting ID: 922 5710 1787

Passcode: 097266

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