Paying by VISA or Bank Transfer

Paying by VISA:

1. Download and fill in the form (below) for the membership category you wish to obtain.

2. Email the completed form to [email protected], indicating your name and the number of the visa card in the body of the message, then

3. Send a second email indicating the total amount payable, the name of the card holder, the card expiry date, and the card security code (on the back of the card).

Payment in Euro by international bank transfer (IBAN-BIC/SWIFT) :

1. Process your international bank transfer using the following information


Name: AIESEP aisbl Liege

IBAN: BE23 3631 4237 2091 (payment in EURO)

Please mention your name and email in the payment reference. If you do not mention your name and email we will not be able to process your membership.

NOTE: The international bank transfer must mention that charges are taken by the sender.

2. Fill in the relevant membership form (below) and email it to the AIESEP Treasurer, Attilio Carraro ([email protected]) and please mention that you paid via bank transfer.


Membership Forms:

Individual Membership Form

Individual Membership Form + TGfU

Institutional Membership Form