Project FLEX – Project Manager

Position Summary:

Project FLEX seeks an ambitious, justice-oriented, and collaborative individual to join a team of faculty and graduate students to serve as a project manager overseeing a sport-based leadership program for incarcerated youth. The project manager will help ensure overall program success through a diverse set of duties. Fit within the specific team setting will be prioritized, along with relevant experiences.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Research Duties
  • Conducting evidence-based research, including idea conception, data collection, and data analysis.
  • Packaging findings into peer-reviewed research.
  • Traveling to conferences to present research findings.
  • Researching funding opportunities and grant writing.
  • Program Delivery
  • Delivering sport-based leadership content to incarcerated youth onsite AT youth detention centers.
  • Co-creating programming and supervising graduate students program delivery.
  • Assessing programming through program evaluation methods.
  • Spearheading on-campus events showcasing university life to incarcerated youth.
  • Innovation and Program Growth
  • Recruiting prospective graduate students.
  • Identifying support agencies and forging community-based partnerships.
  • Marketing program outputs to stakeholders.
  • Developing strategies to encourage new or increased contributions of program.
  • Securing commitments of participation or donation from organizations.
  • Other related duties as assigned

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree or Doctoral degree.
  • Experience managing / supervising students.
  • Professional experience in the field.
  • Record of scholarly collaboration in the field.
  • Experience writing grants and obtaining external funding.
  • Individuals identifying with underrepresented classes are encouraged to apply.

If interested, please see the following link for more information:

Cassandra Iannucci

Cassandra Iannucci

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