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We are very happy to present the launch issue of Research in Subject-matter Teaching and Learning (RISTAL) after an intense time of preparation. A great number of international journals have been published in the various fields of subject-matter education (“Fachdidaktik”) in recent years, so one might ask the question: Why add yet another journal to the already rich array of scientific publications? In our view there is a simple reason: while the existing subject-matter education journals focus each on their own discipline, RISTAL aims to bring these into a fruitful dialogue by nurturing cross-disciplinary exchange. If you would like to learn more about our vision, please visit: http://www.ristal.org/about-us/mission-statement/ where you will find more of our thoughts on cross-disciplinary exchange.

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AIESEP was founded in Lisbon in 1962, with the intent of bringing together scholars in the field of physical education and sport to share knowledge and engage in quality research.

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