Sport pedagogy sessions at ECSS Dublin 2018

Multi- and interdisciplinary sport science is presented at ECSS Dublin 2018. ECSS received a record number of abstracts in the open submission and there are several interesting sessions also in the field of sport pedagogy. Please see some examples below.
– Inclusion (OP-SH01 Oral)
– School-based approaches to physical activity/ functioning in children (OP-SH07 Oral)
– Exercise effects on cognitive functioning and emotional responses (OP-SH10 Oral)
– Physical education, gaming and social influences (OP-SH15 Oral)
– Children and Adolescents (OP-PM65 Oral)
– Optimising physical education for children’s PA and skill development (OP-SH16 Oral)
– Physical Education (MO-SH01 Mini-Oral)

Additionally, the plenary sessions have outstanding speakers. Please check them here: – Congress programme
– Congress search engine

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