AIESEP January Newsletter & Early-Bird Rate Deadline Reminder

January 8th 2024

Hello AIESEP Friends,


Below are some announcements about what is happening at AIESEP! Remember to renew your membership! Memberships expire Dec 31st of each year, so if you don’t have an on-going 3-year membership, it is time to renew! The main thing to note in this newsletter is that the early bird rate for the AIESEP 2024 conference in Jyväskylä, Finland is open UNTIL January 14th, 2024!



  1. The 2024 AIESEP Conference will be held in Jyväskylä, Finland from May 13-17th with pre-conference sessions being held on the 13th. The registration is now open! The conference venue tops out at 600 registrants, so once we get to that number we cannot add anymore. Early Bird Rates end January 14th. So, we hope you are able to register early! The preliminary schedule is posted, as well as the registration fees, and hotel discount codes which all can be found on the conference website


  1. Thank you to those who have filled out the survey. We want to try to understand your professional development needs. So please fill this short survey out We have big plans to expand the ability of AIESEP to serve our members. However, we need to hear from you to make it meaningful and worth your time.


  1. Registration costs for the AIESEP Conference are adjusted based on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of countries. This is also true for membership in AIESEP and has been a change the new board made in the last year to make AIESEP more equitable as an international organization. For low GDP countries the registration cost is 150 EUR and a direct link to register for scholars working in low GDP countries is here. For high-GDP countries the cost to attend is 400 EUR. Here is a direct link to register for scholars working in high GDP countries. As a nice bonus, the dinner/banquet is INCLUDED in the registration this year (held on Thursday the 16th)! And, as a reminder, AIESEP conferences always include coffee breaks and lunch during the conference. Additionally, there are opportunities to participate in pre-conference sessions on the 13th of May such as: Visiting Finnish Schools, Policy Work in PE session, Early Career Researcher workshop, Early Years SIG (target age group= 0-8yrs old children) session, and Coach Education session…and they are all available at no extra cost.


  1. Each month in this newsletter, leading up to the conference, we will highlight one of our keynote speakers. This month, we highlight Michael Hemphill who will deliver the first keynote on Tuesday. In his presentation, Dr. Hemphill will talk about his extensive work with restorative practices within physical education settings. He will introduce the theoretical underpinning of restorative justice and discuss its implications for transformative practices in physical education. Here is his faculty profile.

Michael Hemphill’s Biography: Dr. Michael A. Hemphill is an associate professor of kinesiology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (USA). His research is grounded in community-engaged scholarly approaches, which features reciprocal community partnerships and interdisciplinary collaborations that leverage research to improve communities. His research has been situated in local contexts in Charleston, South Carolina and Greensboro, North Carolina as well as several international collaborations in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Ghana, and Togo. He is a recipient of the Ernest Lynton Award for Community Engaged Scholarship from Campus Compact.


  1. The first podcast on travel tips to get you to Finland is out. You can listen to it here, or by looking up episode 329 “Booking travel to AIESEP 2024” on the Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. The podcast gives you ideas about different side trips to take if you have the time, and covers some logistics. Would you rather read than listen? If so, here is the podcast in a blog The next podcast (coming out in mid-January) is about all things Finland (e.g., Sauna Culture, what to do in Helsinki etc.). In the December newsletter we talked about train travel to Jyväskylä. You can book tickets at BUT, the tickets are not available yet! For details on train travel look at the December newsletter (didn’t get the newsletter last month? Go to the bottom of the AIESEP website and sign up) OR read it here


  1. We have confirmed all 21 students to attend the AIESEP PhD Summer School which will directly follow the 2024 conference in Finland. We are gearing up for the sessions the students will attend. In addition, all students will provide a writing sample that will get feedback from a faculty mentor and students will present their research at the summer school.  Accepted PhD students come from: South Africa, Ghana, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, UK, Canada, Portugal, Turkey, Zimbabwe, USA, Finland, France, and Spain! If you would like to donate to support a doctoral student to attend, you can donate here:


  1. The call for hosting the 2026 AIESEP World Congress and 2027 Conference is out. The application is here: We encourage any university who is interested, to express their interest in applying to Risto Marttinen ( Bids are due Feb 16th.


  1. As a reminder: The 2025 AIESEP Conference will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida May 18th to the 22nd, 2025. Some preliminary information is up on this website


  1. Chuck Corbin recently gave a lecture titled “60 years of scholarship in Kinesiology and Physical Education”. You can find a recording of the lecture on the AIESEP Blog here. Are you interested in posting a blog on the AIESEP website? If so, we’ve created a template for you to use to make the process seamless. You can find it here.


  1. You can always meet us the last Friday of each month at the AIESEP Connect events. #AIESEPConnect is the name of our AIESEP Global Outreach Programme. It provides a space where members can critically engage with ‘hot’ topics that are linked to the core mission of AIESEP. It is a monthly engagement, a one-hour on-line session on (typically) the last Friday of each month. The timing of the session changes to ensure that we have global engagement in #AIESEPConnect Past sessions can be found here.


  1. The next AIESEP Connect will take place on Thursday 25thof January, from 9AM to 10AM (CET, Paris) / 7 to 8PM (AEDT, Melbourne). It will be led by the AIESEP Treasurer and board member Alexandre Mouton. It will highlight work from Belgium, France, Australia and Germany. Here is a brief intro:

Initially focused on the child/young population, the reach of physical literacy interventions is growing and provides new perspectives for research and practice in the fields of physical education and physical activity promotion. This event will provide an overview of different interventions undertaken across the lifespan, with a focus on physical literacy-oriented interventions.

Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 883 0221 3950
Passcode: 77055251

The link to join is above. You will be able to find the recording on the podcast Playing with Research in Health and Physical Education or the AIESEP website.

  1. The on-demand video from our South American colleagues for the November AIESEP Connect can be viewed here.


  1. As a reminder the AIESEP Blog has moved  You can find member blogs, job openings, and announcements there throughout the year.


Finally, as we build out our new website, emails and newsletters will come from so please add this to your “safe sender list” and check your filters for past messages. And, finally, if you’re still reading and enjoyed this newsletter please consider forwarding it to your colleagues!




Risto Marttinen

Secretary General AIESEP

Associate Professor

George Mason University




Twitter: @aiesep






Picture of Risto Marttinen

Risto Marttinen

Risto Marttinen is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at George Mason University in Virginia, USA. He earned an Ed.D. from Columbia University Teachers College in 2015. His research revolves around implementing sustainable and educational after-school physical education programs in elementary and middle schools. These programs specialize in sports and fitness in under-served communities while reinforcing character development and academics. Additionally, he conducts research on the integration of academic subjects and technology into PE. Risto also sits on the board of directors and is the Secretary General for AIESEP, the chair for the SIG 93 (the special interest group for PE) for AERA and a past facilitator for the PETE Collab

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